Periodic Table of The Lake District

The Periodic Table strikes a chord with so many people. Not just the chemists and science buffs but also those that have a keen eye for a nice piece of infographics.

At the Northern Line we had a twofold reason for producing a version specific to the Lake District. Firstly we had already produced one with a musical flavour ‘The Periodic Table of Rock’ which has been very popular. The second reason was that we have produced a number of posters relating to the Lake District, which were quite specific (i.e fells, waters and other individual locations), but nothing that could really embrace the sheer spread of unique sights and wonders the Lake District possesses.

So the Periodic Table offered an opportunity and a challenge because we wanted to ensure it stayed true to the 118 elements and their chemical symbols, first produced by Dmitri Mendeleev in 1869 - which in some cases provided a stern test for an adequate solution!

The poster has its own groupings which are:- Fells, Bodies of Water, Town or Village, Buildings, Bridge or Stone, Locations, Valleys and finally Famous People.

Once we had completed the ‘elements’ the poster was then bolstered with ‘Other Elements’ which allowed us to list several other notable Lake District titles associated with the original groupings. 

It would be nice to think that it could provide a useful reference point to visit some of our less well known points of interest!

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