The Beautiful Game in Tube Map Style

There are few more recognisable or iconic examples of graphic design than the London Underground Map.

Take a closer look and this map of London's Underground will reveal that it's all about The Beautiful Game and not train lines. 'The Road to Wembley'.

Some of the stations already from the original, had a reference to football such as 'Arsenal' and 'Wembley Park' - and that gave us the idea to create a map dedicated to English Football - which of course has hosted many great names both from Britain and the rest of the world.

The station lines have been renamed to accommodate genres such as Midfield players on the Central Line, Circle for goalkeepers, Hammersmith & City - players from London based teams and players from abroad via Metropolitan. Piccadilly represented players who had played for Manchester United or Manchester City. And of course, players from northern teams representing the Northern Line!

The challenge in replicating the map was understanding that where the original station lines met at junctions - a player had to represent both genres. Ruud van Nistelrooy, for example, being both a Manchester United and foreign player and thus, on both the Piccadilly and Metropolitan lines. The whole poster presented a big challenge to ensure players met these criteria but we got there in the end!

Players from all eras are represented on the poster - even players from the turn of the 20th century on the Victoria Line! 

Because of the degree of detail and the number of names on the poster we only produce this poster in A2 format. 

Available unframed, or framed in a 4cm black or white wooden frame.

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