The Feel-Good Hit of the Year!

Without doubt the product line that most caught the eye last year, both in our shop and on our website was the Jimbobart range. Basically it's a product for grown up kids, kids and all those in-between.

Jimbobart plates

This delightful range plays on our sense of humour and love of animals, especially animals in pyjamas and superhero clothes and that certainly seems to have found favour with many of our customers.

jimbobart biscuit tin, jimbob cake tin

It's a quirky range that includes the full gamut of kitchen and dining accessories from mugs and plates through to platters, tins for biscuits, cakes and sandwiches and even some slider cases for bits and jimbobs.

jimbob sandwich tin, jimbob slider cases

jimbobart jellybeans

Oh and not forgetting our little cases for jelly beans!

Probably the most revealing and pleasing part of the range are those who come into the shop, buy a piece as a gift and end up buying something for themselves as well. And that's what makes them such a great range - it's perfect for a gift and for a little act of self indulgence.

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