The Notebook and the appeal of a personal touch

We've been pleasantly surprised at how popular our notebook range has been with both young and mature. So we looked into whether the handwritten word was making a comeback and we were pleasantly surprised.

There's no doubt the various virus lockdowns have changed the habits of many and handwriting, doodling, sketching etc is just one of those that have grown in popularity. The sending of a letter to lonely friend or relative is proving to be therapeutic both for sender and recipient.

Letter writing has increased and maybe it's that time on our hands that can afford something a little bit more embellished than a 'hope you're ok' email. It's been proved that handwriting has actually improved those suffering with rheumatoid arthritis and even asthma!Notebooks of course offer that benefit of being a tomb you can get out those thoughts whether it be via a diary record or simply a thought that needs to be recorded. Maybe, for some, that prepared thought of opinion might be better suited to be written down and looked at rather than a quickfire response on social media that can come back to haunt you!

It's funny that with the digital age offering so much control and organisation it can provide us with so many folders we can't remember what goes where! Here at The Northern Line, we use notebooks all the time for thoughts, actions and reminders, as well as few doodles! Notebooks will remind you, you do have time, you can embellish those thoughts and keep a little bit of your history in a very touchy feely kind of way.

So what to write? Favourite Netflix programmes, places to visit, names for baby, recipes, passwords! The list is endless. Go for it - get scribbling!


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