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Coco Chocolatier - Luxury Chocolate Bars

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These 80g luxury chocolate bars are made in Edinburgh. The chocolate couverture is sourced at origin in Columbia and then transported to Scotland where Coco Chocolatier transform it in to these amazing and luxurious bars. They taste sublime and the beautiful packaging makes them ideal for gifting.

You can read more about how Coco Chocolatier source their products here:

"We have been sourcing our product 'at origin' since 2016, when we began collaborating with Luker - a Colombian company working with cacao farmers across the country. The cacao supplied by the farmers across Colombia is tested and, following a high-quality standard check, the cacao beans are taken to Luker’s facility in Bogotá. Here the beans are processed into different chocolate products. In our particular case, they are made into chocolate couverture - high-quality chocolate buttons - which travel all the way to Edinburgh, Scotland, where our team of chocolatiers works them into chocolate products. In purchasing a product that is finished at origin, more wealth stays within the country, which is a developing economy. To further contribute to Colombia's economic development, we partner with Luker to teach local farmers how best to cultivate their land and get more from their yield."

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